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Discover Öhlins Shocks for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Welcome to our world of Öhlins – where legendary suspension technology meets the iconic spirit of Harley-Davidson. We're your go-to destination for Öhlins shocks, meticulously crafted to elevate your riding experience.


About Öhlins

With a legacy spanning four decades, Öhlins Racing has been at the forefront of the motorsport, motorcycle, and automotive industry. From the heart-pounding MotoGP circuits to local national racing events in over 50 countries, Öhlins has left an indelible mark on the world of suspension technology.


Quality is Our Mantra

At Öhlins, our unwavering focus has always been on delivering the highest quality products, exceptional service, and unwavering support. We are proud to be a part of the legacy that spans from international motorsport events to your very own Harley-Davidson.


The Öhlins Way

Our philosophy revolves around providing aftermarket and OEM partners with state-of-the-art suspension technology that exceeds expectations worldwide. Our team is driven by a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, constantly searching for the next generation of suspension excellence.

We collaborate with renowned manufacturers and world-class teams to create suspension solutions that define the pinnacle of performance. This expertise translates into Öhlins aftermarket shocks that allow you to ride on factory racing technology with minimal or no modifications.


Experience Öhlins Excellence

Whether you're a professional racing team or a passionate enthusiast, our commitment to delivering top-notch service and support remains unwavering. We cater to every rider and driver in search of a superior suspension unit, be it for their Harley-Davidson motorcycle, car, or mountain bike.


Find Öhlins in Newton, WI or Online

Visit our Newton, WI store to explore our range of Öhlins shocks, or shop conveniently from our website. With Öhlins, you're not just buying a suspension upgrade; you're investing in a legacy of innovation and precision.

Join us as we continue to lead the way in advanced suspension technology, pushing the boundaries to discover the next chapter in the world of suspension excellence. Your journey to superior suspension begins here with Öhlins.