FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99 (We do not ship performance parts to CA)


Our Services Include but are not Limited to the Following: 

* Factory Scheduled Maintenance 1K, 5K, 10K Checkups 

* Spring Tuneup Packages

* ABS Brake Flush / Hyrdraulic Clutch Flush

* Tire Mounting / Balancing

* Late Model Troubleshooting

* Electrical Diagnostics

* Security Programming

* Customizations

* Suspension upgrades

* Complete Restorations

* Engine Analysis

* EFI Tuning

* ECM Recalibration 

 * Performance Upgrades 

* Winter Storage (Heated and Non-Heated)

*Trike Conversions


Picture this: your bike, flawlessly performing at its peak, roaring with newfound vitality. That's the promise our Service Department delivers on. With us, it's not just about maintenance; it's about a symphony of services that cater to every nuance of your Harley-Davidson. From preventive maintenance that safeguards your ride's heart to meticulous customizations that make it truly yours, we've got you covered. And yes, even complete engine builds that redefine power are well within our expertise.


Our dedicated team shares your Harley-Davidson spirit. They don't just see a bike; they see a canvas for transformation. With hands steeped in experience, they wield the tools of their trade like artisans, crafting not just motorcycles but legends on wheels.


Every rev of your engine pulses with a shared love for the open road and the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle that carries you on it. At our Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson motorcycle service shop, your passion becomes our drive to perfection. Elevate your ride to its zenith with the prowess of our highly skilled and experienced Service Department. We're not just here to fix motorcycles; we're here to empower your journey.

Collision Repair Center

Our Collision Department is dedicated to restoring your damaged Harley-Davidson to their pre-accident condition. As Harley-Davidson owners, we know you are passionate about your motorcycle and expect nothing less than the very finest in service. We use genuine Harley-Davidson parts as well as having access to all aftermarket items that are available. We work with all insurance companies and will work with your agent to take away the added stress that comes along with any accident.