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1FNGR – Your Source for High-Quality Brake Levers and Clutches for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

About Us

1FNGR was born from the passion of a factory rider who believed in providing the Harley-Davidson community with the finest clutch assembly available in the United States. With our roots deeply embedded in the world of Harley-Davidson, we take pride in delivering top-tier, American-made products that enhance your riding experience.

 Why Choose 1FNGR?

Our innovative products set us apart. We've engineered our brake levers and clutches to offer a remarkable combination of performance, comfort, and style. Here are some key features that make 1FNGR brake levers and clutches the preferred choice among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts:

Full Range of Quick Adjustability: Tailor your brake lever position to perfection with our full range of quick adjustability. Whether you're cruising on the highway or carving through winding roads, our brake levers ensure a comfortable and precise grip.

Smooth 2-Finger Lever Design: Experience improved comfort with our ergonomic 2-finger brake lever design. It's all about providing you with a seamless and effortless riding experience.

Easier Pull Over OEM: Our brake levers and clutches make your ride more enjoyable with an average 30% easier pull compared to stock options, letting you effortlessly control your Harley-Davidson.

Built-in Mirror Adapter: Say goodbye to the hassle of aftermarket mirror installations. 1FNGR levers come equipped with a built-in mirror adapter, simplifying your bike's customization process.

Japanese Sealed Bearings: We've integrated Japanese sealed bearings into our products to optimize the pull, ensuring a smooth and consistent performance throughout your ride.

Single Bolt Latching Clamp: Our innovative single bolt latching clamp design streamlines installation while providing secure and reliable lever operation.

Enlarged Cable Eyelet: The enlarged cable eyelet ensures a seamless cable fit, reducing friction and enhancing your clutch's longevity.

Removable Neutral Safety Switch Tab: We understand that customization is a significant part of Harley-Davidson culture. Our brake levers are designed with a removable neutral safety switch tab to accommodate your specific preferences.

You can discover 1FNGR brake levers and clutches at our store in Newton, WI, or conveniently shop on our website. We are committed to serving the Harley-Davidson community with the finest American-made products and exceptional customer service.