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Unleash Your Harley-Davidson's Potential with S&S Cycle Performance Upgrades: Welcome to Hoban Brothers Motorcycles, your premier destination for unleashing the true power and performance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We proudly offer a range of precision-crafted S&S Cycle products, including Big Bore Kits, Cam Chest Kits, and Complete Engines, all designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights. As your trusted source in Newton, Wisconsin, we're dedicated to bringing you top-tier upgrades that perfectly align with your passion for the open road.

Explore the World of S&S Cycle Performance Upgrades: At Hoban Brothers Motorcycles, we understand the unique bond you share with your Harley-Davidson. That's why we've partnered with S&S Cycle, an industry leader in motorcycle performance innovation for over six decades. Whether you're seeking an exhilarating boost in power, enhanced torque, or a refined overall riding experience, our selection of S&S Cycle products has you covered.

S&S Cycle Big Bore Kits: Unleash Raw Power: Witness the transformation as your Harley-Davidson evolves into a true powerhouse with S&S Cycle's Big Bore Kits. Designed with precision engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship, these kits breathe new life into your engine, delivering a significant increase in displacement and performance. Feel the rush as you command the road with enhanced horsepower and torque, all while retaining the iconic Harley-Davidson aesthetic you cherish.

S&S Cycle Cam Chest Kits: Elevate Performance Precision: The heart of your motorcycle deserves the best, and that's where S&S Cycle's Cam Chest Kits come into play. These meticulously engineered kits optimize valve timing and camshaft performance, resulting in improved throttle response and increased power across the entire RPM range. Whether you're cruising down the highway or roaring through twisty backroads, the Cam Chest Kits ensure a seamless, responsive ride that keeps you in control.

S&S Cycle Complete Engines: Redefining Performance: When it's time to take your Harley-Davidson to the next level, nothing compares to an S&S Cycle Complete Engine. Crafted with a dedication to performance excellence, these engines are a harmonious fusion of power, reliability, and precision. Elevate your riding experience with increased horsepower and torque, while the legendary S&S Cycle quality ensures you'll enjoy years of thrilling adventures on the open road.

Your S&S Cycle Authority in Newton, Wisconsin: As your local source for S&S Cycle performance upgrades, Hoban Brothers Motorcycles is committed to providing you with the expertise and products that align with your riding aspirations. Our skilled technicians understand the intricate details of S&S Cycle components, ensuring precise installation and optimal performance.

Experience S&S Cycle Excellence Today: Discover the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson performance with S&S Cycle products available at Hoban Brothers Motorcycles. Unleash the power that lies within your motorcycle and redefine your journey on the road. Elevate your riding experience with Big Bore Kits, Cam Chest Kits, and Complete Engines from S&S Cycle, right here in Newton, Wisconsin.

Visit Us Today: Ready to experience the S&S Cycle difference? Visit Hoban Brothers Motorcycles in Newton, Wisconsin, and explore our extensive range of S&S Cycle performance upgrades. Let our team guide you towards the perfect enhancement for your Harley-Davidson, as you embark on a journey of power, precision, and pure riding exhilaration.

Elevate your Harley-Davidson's performance with S&S Cycle at Hoban Brothers Motorcycles. Your journey to exceptional riding begins here.