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Darkhorse Motor Company

Darkhorse Universal TIR Toolkit

Darkhorse Universal TIR Toolkit

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Darkhorse Motor Company is the leaders in the industry of Harley-Davidson performance & purpose built crankshafts they know the importance of accurate measurements of crankshafts in their installed state in crankcases.  It is the primary reason this simple yet Universal TIR Toolkit was developed over and above the original run-out tool that Darkhorse has developed for sprocket shafts only.

Their engineers and service technicians plotted out all the different configurations to manufacture a tool that every technician could have in his own personal toolbox. From 1970’s Shovels, through the Evolution and TwinCam platforms to Late Model M8’s, this Universal TIR Tool cover’s every Big Twin model of Harley-Davidson (registered trademark) dating back over 50 years.

The tool measures Total Indicated Runout of either the pinionshaft or sprocketshaft with the unique capability to accurately determine what the actual run-out the compensators operate with on 07’&  later models.  There are 5 small cylindrical magnets that attach into the grooves of the fine-splines and allow the indicator to also measure if the splines are cut off-center.  This critical measurement will also tell a lot about premature compensator wear or noise in the primary system.  

Install the supplied indicator in the corresponding laser marked hole and attach to either the camplate mount surface or inner primary using the supplied thumbscrew and rotate tool arm to “touch off” on the corresponding shaft and you are measuring TIR, quickly and accurately!  No need for multiple single purpose bulky and expensive tools everyone borrows throughout the shop.

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