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Nowaskey 13" Adjustable Shocks

Nowaskey 13" Adjustable Shocks

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Spring Rate

Nowaskey 13" Adjustable Shocks


Compatible Years/Models: (1999 to Present) Harley-Davidson® Touring Models & (1999 to 2017) Dyna Models
1999-2005 Dyna will require Harley Davidson Part Numbers 54666-08, 7880, 8185 for installation. (150,170,185 spring rates apply.)

Spring Rate Guide
1999-2008 Touring Models

115 Spring – Solo under 250lbs*
130 Spring – Standard 2-up riding
140 Spring – Heavy Duty over 500lbs
*115 Spring is Powder Coated Gray.

2009-Present Touring Models
115 Spring – Solo Lightweight*
130 Spring – Solo under 250lbs
140 Spring – Standard 2-up riding
150 Spring – Heavy Duty over 500lbs
*115 Spring is Powder Coated Gray.
2006-2017 Dyna Models
150 Spring – Light
170 Spring – Medium
185 Spring – Heavy
Designed for the Harley-Davidson® touring enthusiast who expects the ultimate in ride performance. Most importantly, experience exceptional handling, unrivaled tunability, and ride performance. Nowaskey® Dual Adjustable Shocks are perfect for every riding style from the aggressive bagger to the long-distance rider. For example, the on-the-fly tuning instantly adjusts for your riding style, road conditions, and varying payload. Set the sag with the adjustable preload.
Our Dual Adjustable Shocks are designed and built to exacting specifications. All of our products are hand-assembled in the USA with American-made materials. Each shock is individually dyno-tuned and mated to its twin for consistent and exceptional performance.


  • Proprietary tuned primary piston and valving to allow a more aggressive riding style.
  • 1″ Teflon® lined wide misalignment spherical joints to compensate for misalignment on OEM frame mounts.
  • Simultaneous adjustment ratio of 70% rebound and 30% compression.
  • Custom-designed lightweight spring hardware and the ability to adjust the preload by hand.
  • (4) spring rates available 115lbs/in, 130lbs/in, 140lbs/in, 150lbs/in (powder coated).
  • Maxima 3.0 WT Full Synthetic Fluid.
  • Preload setting on both shocks allows suspension adjustment based on rider, passenger, and gear weight for optimal performance.
  • Progressive rate springs stiffen quickly for improved handling when elevating to high-performance riding.
  • Exceptional shock length adjustment of +8/-2 mm.
  • High-pressure nitrogen gas-charged design resists shock fading with low-friction shaft/seal head design for smooth performance.
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

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