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Ohlins FKS 228 Harley NIX 22 Cartridge Kit

Ohlins FKS 228 Harley NIX 22 Cartridge Kit

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Ohlins FKS 228 Harley NIX 22 Cartridge Kit

FITS 2017-2022

The NIX 22 Cartridge Kit is based on the experience learned through decades of testing and racing in top-tier championships. The kit delivers unparalleled performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to rider confidence. The NIX 22 is designed to increase performance for lightweight sport bikes and street bikes. The kit has the Öhlins proven “NIX” design which features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg. This allows for more precise function and stability. Adjustments are made at the top with the spring preload. The cartridge system fits bolt-on and are easy to install in standard front forks. The NIX 22 Cartridge Kit has been tested extensively and tailor made to suit the individual requirements and characteristics for each individual bike. Note! This kit requires springs and oil which are sold separately which can be added upon checkout

If you need tools or a lowering kit, please purchase our new Cartridge kit: FKS 231

Commonly Purchased w/ Ohlins Fork Fluid &Ohlins Fork Springs 08790-12

29 INCHES (736 mm)

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