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Spectro V-Twin Oil Change Kits

Spectro V-Twin Oil Change Kits

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Enhance your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle service experience with our meticulously crafted kits. Simplifying maintenance, our oil change kits feature Engine Oil, Filter, and Drain Plug O-ring. For comprehensive servicing, opt for our Tune-Up Kit, comprising Engine, Primary, and Transmission Oil, Filter, Drain Plug O-rings, Clutch Cover Gasket, and Spark Plugs. Enjoy effortless upkeep with our all-inclusive solutions.

Spectro Heavy Duty Engine Oil is a superior motor lubricant designed specifically for use in American-made Harley® V-Twin engines. Crafted from superior petroleum stocks combined with the most advanced anti-wear, anti-carbon additive systems available, Spectro Heavy Duty extends component life, reduces wear, eliminates valve sticking. Meets all known OEM warranty requirements. Exceeds A.P.I. SF/SG – CD/CG - 4.

Primary Chaincase Oil. This sheer stable petroleum is designed to withstand the punishment of high loads, and contains special polymers to provide exceptional clutch engagement and temperature stability. Meets full OEM requirements, and should be used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Formulated specifically for Harley® Sportster and Big Twin applications. Low drag, low friction loss SAE 85w viscosity eliminates clutch “drag” and slipping.

Heavy Duty SYN 6-SPEED 75w140 Gl5. Designed by Spectro in response to complaints from Harley owners about the great but noisy new 6-speed transmission, this full synthetic provides ultimate lubrication protection. Formulated to significantly reduce gear noise and provide easier, smoother shifting, this SAE 75w140 formulation eases shifting even when cold. High loads and extreme heat do not affect the oil, so it performs well when pushed hard and long. API GL-5 rated.

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