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Nowaskey Shocks

Elevate Your Harley-Davidson with Nowaskey Shocks and Forks: At Nowaskey, we're more than just a brand; we're a commitment to taking your Harley-Davidson to new heights. For over 15 years, Pete Nowaskey, a seasoned Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle builder, has been driven by the passion to create exceptional riding experiences. From understanding your riding style to enhancing your bike's aesthetics and performance, we've got you covered.

The Nowaskey Difference: When you choose Nowaskey, you're choosing a team that's dedicated to understanding your vision and elevating your Harley-Davidson to the next level. We believe that every rider is unique, and your bike should reflect your distinct preferences and style.

Shocks and Forks Tailored to You: Our expertise goes beyond the surface; we specialize in crafting shocks and forks that match your exact requirements. Whether you're seeking enhanced performance or a more comfortable ride, our custom solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Engine Building Excellence: One of our core specialties is engine building. We have the knowledge and skills to significantly increase the horsepower and torque of your bike. Whether you're chasing speed, power, or both, Nowaskey can make it happen.

Aesthetics and Performance Unite: We understand that the look of your Harley-Davidson is just as important as its performance. That's why our in-house fabrication capabilities include frame stretching and raking, as well as the development of custom components. We're all about turning your vision into reality.

Custom Fit, One-Off Parts: From designing and fabricating adaptive components to creating one-off custom parts that align with your unique style and riding preferences, Nowaskey's team of experts is ready to bring your dream bike to life.

Beyond Expectations: When you choose Nowaskey, you're choosing a bike that goes beyond your expectations. Our commitment to excellence, performance, and aesthetics is unwavering. Your ride should be an expression of who you are, and we're here to make that a reality.

Explore Nowaskey in Newton, WI or Online: Visit our motorcycle shop in Newton, WI, to discover the full range of Nowaskey shocks and forks. Alternatively, shop conveniently on our website to find the perfect fit for your Harley-Davidson. Elevate your ride, experience the difference, and embark on a journey that's uniquely yours with Nowaskey. Your vision, our passion, one extraordinary ride.